Cash Flow

Finding the right mindset during a challenging time

Lesson 1 Chapter 1

It is a scary time.

I will not pretend to know all that you are going through.It is likely that money is only a small part of the stress you are feeling.

When it comes to helping people with their family finances, I believe you can only look forward. That can be terrifying, but at least you can have an affect on the future. 

The past is just the past.

No matter what your financial circumstances going into to this unforeseen health crisis were, you did not cause this to happen. There is very little you could have done to prepare for such an unforeseen event. There is no way to have know life would change so dramatically.

There is a way to react and make decisions that will reduce the total impact of the crisis on your finances. Some will be government programs or loans. Some will be to cut back spending and utilize debt in a smart way.

This course is not a magic solution, but it will guide you to the end of this terrible situation with ideas and strategies that will reduce the overall impact on your family's finances.

The goal is to get you through this situation with the least amount of damage to your finances.

It is my hope that this reduces some of your financial stress.