Cash Flow

Reduced Monthly Costs

Lesson 5 Chapter 2

Continuing with the Coronovirus Monthly Cash Flow Worksheet, we will work on the second tab Reduced Monthly Cash Flow.

Since the social distancing began it is likely that many of your regular expenses have reduce or changed in some way.

Go through all your expenses again and overwrite any expenses that are no longer exist, have reduced or the few that have increased.

You likely see the most change in the Transportation, Daily and Discretionary Costs sections of the worksheet. Most expenses will have reduced or perhaps gone to zero. There also may be expenses such as groceries, take-out, alcohol and subscriptions that have increased.

Every family will have different changes to their expenses.

When you are done, compare your total reduced monthly costs and your total regualar monthly costs. You'll likely see a large reduction in expenses cause by your change in lifestyle.