Cash Flow

Regular monthly costs

Lesson 4 Chapter 2

All the lessons in Chapter 2 will make use of the Smart Money Society Coronavirus Cash Flow Worksheet. You may make a copy in Google Sheets or download a copy and use Microsoft Excel to complete.

Once you have the worksheet saved, you'll want to start on the Regular Monthly Cash Flow tab.

The goal of this excercise is to fill in your typical monthly spending before the coronavirus social distancing began.

The Mortgage, Loan payments and Credit card payments sections in blue will be automatically calculated later on.

The Daily Costs and Discretionary Costs section is difficult to have exact numbers for. Please fill it in as best you can recall. It is not worth spending a lot of time getting precise numbers.An estimate will do just fine.

If you've completed this, it is time to move on to the next tab—Reduced Monthly Cash Flow.