Cash Flow

This is going to be difficult

Lesson 3 Chapter 1

There will be a lot of hard decisions to make.

I'm never thinking or assuming that any of these decisions are easy. This is very difficult.

I'm also not here to judge what is a wise use of your money. You know yourself and your family best. Only you can make these decisions. They are your decisions to make.

The reality is that if you spend more than you have in cash your only option is to borrow money through loans or credit cards.

Borrowing money may be necessary and there is nothing wrong with that. You may have some expenses that are just not possible to change, adjust or postpone. 

The key is setting up a disciplined strategy for borrowing money. Any money you borrow today you will be responsible to pay for tomorrow. That is why only the most vital expenses should be paid with borrowed money.

If you are ready to grab control, let's get started together.