Canada Pension Plan

The Best Time to Start My CPP and OAS (LIVE)

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About this course

A unique course designed to guide you to making the best decision for you as when to start your Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security benefits.

This course is not designed to make you a financial planner. In a time-efficient manner, it will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and guidance that you need to make a decision that is best for you.

When it comes to the Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security and retirement income planning, instructors Doug Runchey and Dave Field have the expertise to guide you to determining your best time to start your CPP and OAS.

Course Structure

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The Numbers

The first place we'll start is with the numbers. First, you'll need to determine how much income you'll need. Second, we'll go through how your Canada Pension Plan benefit is calculated and what personal factors can increase or decrease your benefit.

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Retirement Income

There are many sources of retirement income. In this unit, we'll go over where you should pull your income from in retirement. We'll discuss retiring before age 65, working part-time, rental income and business income. We'll spend extra time going over where to receive income from while delaying your CPP benefit.

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Keeping More Money

Minimizing taxes and reducing benefit clawbacks allow you to keep more of your money and benefits. We'll talk about what to watch out for and how to determine the best mix of income sources long-term.

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Risk and Security

There are risks to be aware of in retirement. We'll go into detail about how CPP and OAS are affected when a spouse dies, and we'll go over the security and long-term risks of the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security.

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When to start your CPP and OAS benefits

In the final module we'll bring it all together to determine when is the best time to start your Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security benefits. Doug and Dave will be live to answer your questions.