Cash Flow

COVID-19 Emergency Personal Finance

5 Chapters 12 Lessons Easy

About this course

This entire coronavirus situation is overwhelming. It causes us to feel like we have absolutely no control. It is stressful.

The only way to reduce stress and feel like you can get through it is to gain control over what you can. And that includes getting control of some of your finances.

This course is for you if you are in a financial emergency now because of the coronavirus. The aim is to help organize your personal finances and create a strategy to help you get through this difficult time. This will one day end and this course is designed to help you get to that day in the best possible financial shape. 

This course is a work in progress. Everything is changing daily and will be updated as possible. The focus is to help you in a timely manner instead of delaying to create the perfect course.

This course is free and decided to help you during this difficult time.

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